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Nature is the Best Artist Website -japan shimane beautiful travel-

Nature is the Best Artist Website -japan shimane beautiful travel-


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4K UHD Videos

These videos present the attractive nature and activity of Shimane through 4K Ultra HD quality movies.
Shimane prefecture is the treasury of attractive nature.
There are also many romantic landscapes here which feature in Japanese mythology.
At Shimane prefecture you can enjoy colors and sounds created by nature as well as various activities for each season.
Please be sure to watch the beautiful videos on this website and visit Shimane.

Recommended spots

  • Mt.Sanbe


    Mt. Sanbe which located in Oda city is an active volcano 1,126 m high which recognized as Daisen-Oki National Park.
    The natural forest of the mountain is recognized as a natural treasure of the country, and in autumn you can enjoy beautiful colors of the season.

  • Inasa-no Hama (Inasa Beach)

    Inasa-no Hama (Inasa Beach)02:46~

    It is a famous location in Izumo City (west part of the Shimane peninsula) famous for Japanese mythology.
    It is said that in October of the lunar calendar, gods from all over Japan land once in a year on Inasa-no Hama Beach and gather in the Izumo-taisha Grand Shrine for the meeting to decide the fate of people.

  • Candle Island (Rosoku-jima)

    Candle Island (Rosoku-jima)03:27~

    Candle Island is a unique shaped sea stack in Okinoshima town (Oki Islands).
    When the sunset overlaps the top of the rock, the candle appears to burn.

  • Takatsu River

    Takatsu River03:51~

    It is a naturally rich river without dam which flows to the western part of Shimane prefecture.
    The river has been repeatedly recognised as the best quality river by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Japan.

  • Susumi Seacoast

    Susumi Seacoast04:45~

    Susumi seacoast located in Matsue city (east part of the Shimane peninsula) have abrasion platform which called "laundry rock".
    The rock scraped by erosion looks like a washing board which have made mysterious landscape.

  • Sagiura


    The Sagiura area is a fishing village in Izumo City (west part of the Shimane peninsula) where it was remain the scenary of original Japan.
    You can walk through the beautiful red roofed townscape.