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Nature is the Best Artist Website -japan shimane beautiful travel-

Nature is the Best Artist Website -japan shimane beautiful travel-


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4K UHD Videos

These videos present the attractive nature and activity of Shimane through 4K Ultra HD quality movies.
Shimane prefecture is the treasury of attractive nature.
There are also many romantic landscapes here which feature in Japanese mythology.
At Shimane prefecture you can enjoy colors and sounds created by nature as well as various activities for each season.
Please be sure to watch the beautiful videos on this website and visit Shimane.

Recommended spots

  • Cherry Road

    Cherry Road 00:35~

    This is a row of cherry blossom trees that approximately 5km is lined up along a coastal road on the Shimane Peninsula. This is a popular cherry blossom spot in spring where you can enjoy the contrast between the blue of the sky and the seas and the color of the cherry blossoms.

  • Cherry Blossom Trees along the Hii River Levee

    Cherry Blossom Trees along the Hii River Levee01:30~

    This is a row of cherry blossom trees that approximately 2km is lined up along the bank of the Hiikawa River which flows through Kisuki in Unnan city. Enjoy the tunnel of the cherry blossoms made by around 800 trees. This popular cherry blossom spot in the Chugoku Area was selected as one of Japan's Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots.

  • Akana Marsh

    Akana Marsh01:55~

    This area in Iinan is a home to valuable hygrophytes and insects and is called a "Museum of Living Nature". Buckbean and marsh marigold grow in clusters here from April to May and the hygrophytes start flowering from June. The scarlet dwarf which is called the mythical dragonfly also inhabits in this area.

  • Mt. Akahage

    Mt. Akahage03:30~

    In spring, wild radish starts to bloom on Mt. Akahage in Chibu village and the top of the mountain is covered in pink as if a carpet covered the mountain. You can enjoy the view of the Oki Islands from the observation deck and if the weather is clear, you can also enjoy a panoramic view of the Shimane Peninsula and Mt. Daisen.

  • Seki-no-Gohonmatsu Park

    Seki-no-Gohonmatsu Park04:55~

    This is a famous azalea spot in Mihonoseki, Matsue city. There are around 5,000 azaleas on top of the slightly elevated hill facing the Sea of Japan which are in full bloom from late April to early May.

  • Himenoga-ike Pond

    Himenoga-ike Pond06:35~

    This is a pond located in Kitanohara of Mt. Sanbe with rabbit ear irises growing in clusters by the floating islands and shores. The rabbit ear irises around this pond are designated as natural monuments of Shimane Prefecture and they come in full bloom from mid May to June.

  • Mihonoseki Lighthouse

    Mihonoseki Lighthouse01:25~

    The oldest stone lighthouse in Sanin located on the eastern edge of the Shimane Peninsula was illuminated for the first time in 1898. It is one of the most popular lighthouses in Japan being selected as the world's Top 100 Historical Lighthouses and Japan's Top 50 Lighthouses. It is 14m high and 83m above sea level.

  • Hi-ire Field-Burning near Mt. Sanbe

    Hi-ire Field-Burning near Mt. Sanbe02:55~

    Nishinohara of Mt. Sanbe are burned intentionally every year in late March. Fresh grass grows in May and the fields are covered in green. This initial firing is a tradition of early spring that has been passed down for centuries to maintain the beautiful field.

  • Sanbe Azukihara Buried Forest

    Sanbe Azukihara Buried Forest04:00~

    This is a giant forest from the Jomon Era which was buried due to Mt. Sanbe erupting around 4,000 years ago. Enjoy the submerged forest as it was before the eruption in the underground exhibition facility.

  • Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar

    Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar06:05~

    This is a mysterious ancient cedar tree which diverges into 15 branches from the base standing by the east of Mt. Daimanji which is the highest point in Okinoshima and is around 800 years old. Enjoy the mystical atmosphere shrouded in mist especially right after the rain.

  • Dangyo-no-taki Waterfalls

    Dangyo-no-taki Waterfalls06:35~

    The Dangyo Shrine in Okinoshima is surrounded by a 40m of the smaller waterfall and 50m of the larger waterfall on both sides. The larger waterfall has a basin which you can walk into and view the waterfall from a reverse angle.

  • Yui-Maenosu (Intertidal shore platform)

    Yui-Maenosu (Intertidal shore platform)06:55~

    The stratum of the lake from around 20 million years ago is a wave-cut platform which was eroded by the waves and winds of the Sea of Japan making a 170m walkway from the coast out into the sea. When the seas are calm, a mystical scenery stretches out of the sky being reflected in the water surface like a mirror.

  • Kaka-no-Kukedo


    This is a coastal cavern on the Kaka Coast of the Shimane Peninsula. The Kukedo is a cavern and there are 2 magnificent caverns created through wave erosion on the tip of the cape which is called the Kukedonohana. You can tour these caverns on a sightseeing ship.

  • Nonami Coast

    Nonami Coast01:15~

    The emerald green seas on the coast of Shimane in Matsue have a high level of clarity in which you can see the fish swimming and are popular for swimming and marine sports.

  • Sumitsuke Festival

    Sumitsuke Festival01:50~

    The Sumitsuke Festival in Katae of Mihonoseki is a traditional festival which has been carried out for around 250 years. Local women apply ink not only to the faces of the participants, but also to those just walking down the street. Having this ink applied to your face is said to prevent colds and accidents at sea.

  • Mt. Sanbe

    Mt. Sanbe02:30~

    Mt. Sanbe is in the center of Shimane Prefecture and consists of 6 ridges which form a circular pattern including the 1,126m Mt.Osanbe. The natural scenery changes with the seasons and you can enjoy trekking and hiking all year round.

  • Mt.Sanbe


    Mt. Sanbe which located in Oda city is an active volcano 1,126 m high which recognized as Daisen-Oki National Park.
    The natural forest of the mountain is recognized as a natural treasure of the country, and in autumn you can enjoy beautiful colors of the season.

  • Inasa-no Hama (Inasa Beach)

    Inasa-no Hama (Inasa Beach)02:46~

    It is a famous location in Izumo City (west part of the Shimane peninsula) famous for Japanese mythology.
    It is said that in October of the lunar calendar, gods from all over Japan land once in a year on Inasa-no Hama Beach and gather in the Izumo-taisha Grand Shrine for the meeting to decide the fate of people.

  • Candle Island (Rosoku-jima)

    Candle Island (Rosoku-jima)03:27~

    Candle Island is a unique shaped sea stack in Okinoshima town (Oki Islands).
    When the sunset overlaps the top of the rock, the candle appears to burn.

  • Takatsu River

    Takatsu River03:51~

    It is a naturally rich river without dam which flows to the western part of Shimane prefecture.
    The river has been repeatedly recognised as the best quality river by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Japan.

  • Susumi Seacoast

    Susumi Seacoast04:45~

    Susumi seacoast located in Matsue city (east part of the Shimane peninsula) have abrasion platform which called "laundry rock".
    The rock scraped by erosion looks like a washing board which have made mysterious landscape.

  • Sagiura


    The Sagiura area is a fishing village in Izumo City (west part of the Shimane peninsula) where it was remain the scenary of original Japan.
    You can walk through the beautiful red roofed townscape.